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  • Tianjin Chengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd


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    Warmly celebrate our company's success in "vinachem 2018 Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition"!

    Warmly celebrate our company's success in "vinachem 2018 Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition"!

    Tianjin Chengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., as an influential chemical product manufacturer and supplier in mainland China, participated in the vinachem 2018 Vietnam International Chemical exhibition held in Ho Chi Minh SECC, Vietnam from November 28 to 31, 2018.

    In this exhibition, our company exhibited ten series of products: caustic soda, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, oxalic acid, sodium hydrosulfite, titanium dioxide, calcium carbide, sodium sulfide, sodium bisulfite, sodium pyrosulfite, etc.

    Attracted many customers to come to consult, negotiate cooperation!

    After the meeting, Mr. Feng bin, general manager of the company and Ms. Wang Yan, foreign trade manager, cooperated with the salesmen to pay a friendly visit to the cooperative customers, and earnestly listened to and answered the problems of the customers in the process of trade. Mr. Feng Bin said that he attached great importance to the trade cooperation between the two sides. The company will continue to devote itself to the development of international trade, strictly control the process from production to transportation, and constantly speed up the timeliness of transportation while ensuring the quality of products. He hopes that both sides will continue to optimize in the future, work together to achieve win-win cooperation.

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